Homework 3 due May 6th

Complete either Option 1 or Option 2 depending on your interests and available hardware.  For both options you may augment your existing code from HW 1 or create something entirely new.

Option 1) Create a Processing sketch that is reactive to sound and/or image.  This could take on several forms.  For instance it could be:

  • graphics that react to an audio input or file
  • an audio-reactive image or video filter
  • generative graphics derived from image or video pixel data
  • a soundscape or music that is derived from graphics, image, or video
  • a soundscape or music that is derived from audio input

Option 2) Connect your Arduino to your HW 1 sketch or a new sketch and implement at least 2 forms of hardware input or output.  For instance:

  • hardware buttons, switches, knobs, sliders, or sensors controlling audio or visual parameters of your sketch.  (Note, to meet requirements you could implement two forms of control on a single hardware input.  Pushing and holding versus toggling a button, for example.)
  • audio or visual data from your sketch controlling LEDs and/or speaker/buzzer output.

I have a large supply of LED’s, buttons, knobs, wire, jumper cables, and resistors available- see me before/after class or during office hours if you need them.  I have a limited supply of piezos, flex sensors, touch sliders, and photoresistors (light sensors) available that could possibly be borrowed for the duration of the assignment depending on demand (or at least used during office hours for testing).

For both options, email me your code and be prepared to present your work in class on Monday, May 6th.  If you are unsure or have questions about an idea, don’t hesitate to email me with questions.  Also, remember it is perfectly acceptable to use office hours as a place to do your homework and get help immediately if you run into problems.

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