Homework 4: Final Project Proposal

Your Art 122 final project will be an interactive artwork or device.  It could manifest itself as purely software or hardware, but in most cases will be a combination of software (Processing) and hardware (Arduino and/or sensors).  The interactivity can come from sensor data (light, proximity, knobs, buttons, etc.), microphone data, camera data, or a database (stocks, network data, Twitter, etc.).  The output of your project may be sound, graphics, light, or robotics (don’t forget about servos and motors!). There are endless options. If you have an idea and are questioning its qualification, please email or ask me.

Email me a 1-2 page final project proposal by Saturday, May 18th.  Your proposal should include the following sections:

  • Abstract : 1-2 paragraph summary of your work.  What is your motivation for the project and what are you trying to explore or accomplish?
  • Background: What existing projects, artwork, or music have inspired your project?  Give at least 2 references and describe how your project will be unique.
  • Goals:  What do you want your project to accomplish in terms of interactivity and aesthetics?  Is its main purpose aesthetics, data visualization/sonification, a game, or simply an exploration of interactivity?  What do you hope to learn from this project?
  • Implementation: Describe the hardware/software flow of your project (with words or a diagram). How will everything be connected? What hardware components and software libraries will you need to realize your project?  What display equipment will you need (speakers, projectors, etc.)?  What hardware/software skills will you need assistance with to realize your project?

I will schedule individual meetings with students on May 20th during class time and office hours to provide feedback on proposals and go over implementations in detail.  However, it would be a good idea to start prototyping and shopping for parts as soon as possible.  Final presentations will be June 12th, so you have just over 1 month from conception to realization.  I am always available via email or office hours for final project consultation.

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