Monthly Archives: December 2014

Final Schedule

  • December 2nd – Class Workshop 1-3pm (complete)
  • December 3rd  – Office Hours 10-12pm (complete)
  • December 4th – Class Workshop 1-3pm
  • December 9th – Presentation by Natalie Sun, Creative Technologist at 72andSunny. Natalie will speak about her work using JavaScript and creative coding for a design firm in LA. Following her presentation, she will stick around to help with the remaining class workshop time and provide feedback on projects. Attendance required!
  • December 10th – Office Hours 10-12pm and extended until 4pm by appointment.
  • December 11th – Final Project Presentations and Final Workshop. Your project should exist online by this time at Presentations will be brief (5-10 mins each), but you should be able to describe your initial goals, libraries used, techniques/mappings, references, and future goals/remaining work for the project. Charlie Roberts will be in attendance to provide feedback and final help for Gibber projects. Attendance required!
  • December 19th – Deadline for final project revisions. You should also submit a 2-3 paragraph summary of your final project (based on your final presentation) – this text can be be incorporated in your final website or sent to me separately via email (which I will then include on the course website next to a link to your final project).