VOSIS is a synthesizer that creates complex wavetables by scanning and filtering greyscale pixel data from images, videos, or live camera input. The audification and filtering of pixel luminance correlates visual shape to sound timbre. Scan rate in terms of octave, interval, and scale allows for use as a musical instrument. Thus, VOSIS is a tool for image sonification, sound design, and visual music composition.

VOSIS is free a free app for iPhone and iPad. For additional iOS features and MacOS support consider VOSIS Pro.

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VOSIS Software and Sounds Featured in
How to Save a Dead Friend (2022)

Demo Video

Sound Examples


  • Audiobus and Inter-App Audio Support
  • Save and Load Presets
  • MIDI Keyboard Support and CC Mapping saved to Presets
  • Load Video files with adjustable playback speed (iPad and Desktop only)
  • Unlimited recording length (free version limits to 10 seconds) and screen mirroring
  • Step and Random sequence modes for rhythm
  • Additional Filters: Blur, Sharpen, Downsample, Brightness
  • Tremolo: tempo synched and continuous
  • Native MacOS desktop support (single purchase includes iPad, iPhone, and Desktop versions)

    App Store | User Guide

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