Region Options

  • [TOUCH] Touch/Drag/Release anywhere on image to play pixels with ADSR envelope
  • [ADD] Touch image to add a new resizable, looping region
  • The options / sliders / knobs will show settings for the last touched region
  • [VERT | HORZ | DUAL] Select Scan Direction, i.e. scan pixels by row, column, both
  • [SCAN | SUM] Scan image rows/cols over selected duration or sum all rows/columns
  • [Oct] region's note octave
  • [I III V ..] looped region's note interval (ADD mode) or interval sequence (TOUCH mode)
    	! VOSIS Pro adds all intervals and 12 additional interval sequences
  • [Raw/Dur] region's loop duration (applies to SCAN mode only) (applies to STEP / RAND modes in VOSIS Pro)
  • 	- In Raw mode the region's loop duration is determined by the region size
    	- In Dur modes the region is granularly time-stretched to duration intervals of the master BPM
  • [ + / - 0 .. ] Region phase offset in terms of Dur
  • [ADSR /`--\ ] Adjust TOUCH envelope attack time, decay time, sustain level, release time

  • Region Sliders / Knobs

  • (Exposure) brighten dark images == audible gain boost
  • (Contrast) increase image contrast == audible compression
  • (Thresh) remove visual frequencies below threshold == audible increase in tonality / noise removal
  • (HPF | LPF) Remove frequencies below HPF and above LPF == audible high-pass/low-pass filtering
  • Double-tap any slider/knob to reset to default value

  • Palette Options

  • [IMG] Select source image.
    	! Must be jpg or png, no HEIC support (on iOS use Settings -> Camera -> Formats -> Most Compatible)
  • [CAM] Select/Toggle front/rear source camera
  • [REC] Record start/stop toggle to capture and save/share sound+video recordings without GUI
    	! Limited to 10 seconds with VOSIS, unlimited with VOSIS Pro
    	! MacOS VOSIS Pro - saves both .mov and .wav files of video+audio and audio respectively
    	! MacOS VOSIS Pro - file must be saved to user's Movies or Music folder or subfolder or .wav may fail to save
  • [A-G#] and [MNR | MJR]: root major/minor scale for tuning all regions
  • [LIMITR] toggle the master audio limiter (otherwise distortion may occur when using several regions)
  • [EQLZ] toggle source image equalization (useful to make dark source images more audible)
  • [STEREO] toggle stereo panning of region sounds based on left/right location in source
  • [CLRBG] toggle display of the source image in color (no audible effect, iPad and MacOS only)
  • [INFO] toggle the info screen

  • Palette Sliders / Knobs

  • (Background) adjust source image brightness, no audible effect
  • (Reverb Mix/Decay) master reverb controls
  • (BPM) master tempo in beats per minute for scanned/looped regions
  • (Gain) master gain in dB
  • (Double-tap any slider/knob to reset to default value)

  • iPhone Only

  • [>>] Go to next Panel , [<<] Go to previous Panel

  • iPad and MacOS Only

  • [<->] Push and drag to move panels. Double tap [<->] to hide panels
  • Double tap upper left / right corners to show panels once hidden

  • VOSIS Pro

    AudioBus / AUM / Background / Inter-App Audio

  • [INFO] -> Settings -> [Background Audio] to enable/disable background audio on iOS
  • Launch VOSIS Pro before AudioBus or AUM (launching from those apps may resize the screen awkwardly)

  • Presets

  • [Preset...] Select saved preset
  • [SAVE] Tap to save current state as preset
  • [DELETE] Push and hold [SAVE] for 1 second and release to delete currently selected preset
  • Presets save the current state of all regions, the source image/video used, and any MIDI CC mappings
    	! MacOS - presets must use image/video located in current user's Pictures or Movies folder or subfolder


  • iPad and MacOS only
  • [VID] Load video file (mov, mp4, avi)
     	! MacOS - video must be located in current user's Movies folder or subfolder
  • (Playback Speed) adjust video playback speed


  • iPad and MacOS only
  • MIDI Keyboard / Controller must be connected before launching VOSIS
  • Keys will play TOUCH regions but at MIDI octaves/notes
  • MIDI CC iPad: touch and hold any slider for 1 second and release without changing value, select Learn or Clear
  • MIDI CC MacOS: right-click any slider, select Learn or Clear
  • Once Learn is selected move any MIDI CC control to map

  • Region Modes / Sliders / Knobs

  • [ SOLO | STEP | RAND ]
    	- SOLO is the default mode and scans the entire region
    	- STEP subdivides the region and steps through divisions sequentially at the Dur rate
    	- RAND subdivides the region and steps through divisions randomly at the Dur rate
  • (Brightness) Darken the region to effectively attenuate the gain of a region (useful when mixing several regions)
  • (Blur-Sharpen) Below 0.5 = smooth noise/partials | Above 0.5 = enhance noise/partials
  • (Downsample) Pixellate image == audible bit-reduction
  • (Tremolo Depth) Amount of brightness modulation to apply == audible tremolo
  • (Tremolo Rate) Rate of brightness modulation == audible tremolo rate
  • [ 1/8 ...] BPM Tremolo Rate - select Knob/Slider option to use adjacent slider/knob