Audio-visual Composition – Jonathan Holcomb

Audio-visual Composition - Jonathan Holcomb


For this music visual composition I could imagine the presentation becoming a key factor in the overall experience. Utilizing a semi-transparent plastic sheet to reflect the projection of the multicolored circles and rectangles and background, yet still allowing some of the projection to continue beyond would create a more immersive feel. Throw a fog machine in the room and let the colors and movement guide you toward transcendence.‚Äč

Using gibber in the browser I was able to create a little song that consists of electronic drum sounds, and a few synthesizers. All of the sounds are being generated using the gibber library to play in the web browser. Mixing only a kick, snare, and high-hat sound in different patterns, the beat is created. Utilizing the future function I was able to time the song so that it will play different beats at varying timing and for a certain amounts of time.

For the visual aspect I was able to use javascript to create a visual display that mimics traveling through particles and tiny squares floating and zooming through an infinite yellow space. In the beginning there is a slight delay to have the music start the show. When out of no where particles start flying past, above, below and into the viewer! The fragments of matter are also rapidly changing color to the beat of the music in a randomized manner. There are also little swirly rectangles that do corkscrew-like moves around the zooming circles while maintaining their motion in the direction of the observer.

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