FFT and Multi-Touch Visualization – Danika Basista

FFT and Multi-Touch Visualization - Danika Basista



The idea behind my final project was to create something reminiscent of Disney’s Fantasia. I took the third movement of Vivaldi’s Concerto for Two Violins in A Minor and mapped a number of graphics to the symphony. The main parts of the coding are the FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) and the touch functions. The FFT itself changes with the frequency of the song, along with an added shadow behind the FFT. The shadow’s blur varies the frequency by becoming more concentrated and solid when low pitches are detected and more spread out and blurry when high pitches are detected.

The colored shadow behind the FFT was meant to give the progression a fairy dust feel. I also decided to enable an interactive feature that would change the shadow color and add some geometric shapes to the graphics. In order to activate these additions the screen can be touched with 1-5 fingers. Each touch draws a main circle surrounded by four smaller circles that fly around the place of finger contact. The different amount of fingers results in different color changes. One finger corresponds to purple, two to gold, three to blue, four to red and five to pink.

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