Terramomentum (earth resonance) is an immersive, sub-sonic installation driven by seismic audification and musification. A listener lies on a flat table resonated by 5 subwoofers emitting seismic audifications and compositions derived from datasets of 4 major earthquakes: Haiti (2010), Christchurch (2011), Los Angeles (2014), and Anchorage (2016). The installation repeats itself in an 8 minute cycle with each new listener. Seismic events (earthquakes) occur at sub-sonic frequencies below 20Hz. The emphasis of subwoofers vibrating a table allows for a strong haptic connection to the sounds - decreasing the amount of frequency shift necessary to perceive the original data sets.

Sound Examples: Seismic Sounds on Soundcloud
Paper: Musification of Seismic Data (ICAD 2016)