Life Orange LLC | Ryan McGee, PhD
creative software studio specializing in audio plug-ins, DSP, spatial audio, sonification, sound design, interactive installations, AR, VR, cross-platform C/C++, JUCE
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Los Angeles | Austin | Berlin

Commercial / Creative Software Development

Chromasonic - native C++ development of real-time spatial audio + lighting software for live performance and visualization + sonification composition
Unity Technologies - contract software developer/researcher
SYNG - contract software developer/researcher for spatial audio content creation
Tonsturm FRQ Shift and Spectrl EQ - modulation system, DSP, and GUI development for cross-platform AAX/VST/AU plug-ins
Penteo 16 Pro - UI + 3D surround visualizer design and implementation as multi-channel AAX/VST/AU plug-in for stereo to surround (7.1, Atmos, etc) upmixing
Runnin' - interactive VR music video for Intel Studios and Wajatta, Premiere @ Sundance New Frontier 2019, Best Interactive Experience @ SXSW 2019
Spectral Bridge House by Johannes Girardoni - development of immersive lighting software utilizing motion sensors - VR audio consulting and software development (custom Unity and Wwise plug-ins), development of sampling and sequencing engine for this game
Walt Disney Imagineering - consulting and software development for various R&D projects involving synchronized audio and lighting control
TRAVELER - custom DSP and AAX/VST/AU cross-platform plug-in development for post production granular Doppler effect by TONSTURM
Final Mix Inc - custom DSP and plug-in development for pro-audio mastering
Unfiltered Audio - audio plug-in company, co-founder and developer (2012-2017)
Dolby Concourse - generative, spatial music installation supported by Dolby Art utilizing custom spatialization and synthesis software
TABULA - custom LED control software (Cinder/C++) for a permanent lighting installation at 385 Sherman, Palo Alto, CA
Metaspace V2 by Johannes Girardoni - custom interactive light sequencing and sonification software @ TED 2014
Mezmo - mesh-based technology connecting artists to fans using offline BTLE peer-to-peer communication with indoor/micro location aware light and sound
Raven Multi-Touch Production System - original and lead software developer for Raven MTX and MTi multi-touch mixing consoles (2012-2015)
Rejamm Social Music App - coding for backend audio mixing, recording, midi, and sampling engine
VOSIS - image and live video audification / sonification iPad app now available for free on the App Store
Chromasonic for iPhone/iPad - development of custom color sonification app for iOS for Johannes Girardoni Studio

Installations | Performances | Exhibits

IEEE 2017 VIS Arts - live video sonification performance with VOSIS Pro beta, October 3rd, 2017, Phoenix, AZ
Currents New Media - live video sonification performances at Currents New Media Festival, June 9th, 2017, Santa Fe, NM
MAGNITUDE - live seismic sounds performance, custom sonification and algorithmic music software @ Nitro, Syndney NSW, with LED Chandelier
Terramomentum - subsonic haptic seismic installation at ICAD 2016 , Australian National University, Canberra, NSW
SV+VS (Sonifying Visuals + Visualizing Sound) - live image/video sonification performance and exhibition at FOCA, Los Angeles, Jan-March 2016
Pangea - seismic sound performance at FUTRA (as Life Orange)
Creating the Sensorial Space - panel discussion about spatial sound design and composition at Dolby HQ
Kinetic V2 and Kinetic V3 - live 3D performances of real-time, high-speed spatial sound orbit graphics (2014-2016)
DOMUS - seismic sonification collaboration with D.V. Rogers @ Materials and Applications LA
Skate 1.0 - collaboration with Electroland to synchronously spatialize sounds with moving lights. Exhibited at the Los Angeles Architecture and Design Museum
Concrete - music concrète video for composer Marcel Fremiot | One Arts Plaza in Dallas, TX | Laboratoire Musique et Informatique de Marseilles, France (2007)


Introduction to Computer Programming for the Arts - introduction to programming with Processing and JavaScript for dept of art at UCSB
Advanced Digital Media: Sound Synthesis and Computer Music - sound synthesis, sequencing, and web audio for dept of art at UCSB
Arduino and Processing Universe: a Primer - intro to programming and electronics course for dept of art at UCSB


Musification of Seismic Data (ICAD 2016) | Seismic Sounds
Spatial Modulation Synthesis (ICMC 2015) |
VOSIS: a Multi-touch Image Sonification Interface (NIME 2013) |
Voice of Sisyphus: an Image Sonifcation Multimedia Installation (ICAD 2012)
SenSynth: a Mobile Application for Dynamic Sensor to Sound Mapping (NIME 2012)
Sound Element Spatializer (ICMC 2011 Paper), MS Thesis
Sonifying the Cosmic Microwave Background (ICAD 2011), sound examples, download for OSX
BioRhythm: a Biologically-inspired Audio-Visual Installation (NIME 2011)
John Chowning: Overview, Techniques, and Compositions (includes interview)
Auditory Displays and Sonification
Representing Music with Visual Space and Color

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