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Creative Software Development
Cross-platform C/C++ native applications, JUCE
Audio plug-ins, DSP, Spatial Audio, Sonification
Lighting, Custom User Interfaces, Visualization, AR/VR/XR
Los Angeles | Berlin | Austin
Ryan McGee PhD | ryan [at] lifeorange [dot] com

Projects | Clients

Chromasonic [2020 - Present]

Development of real-time spatial audio + light sequencing and control software. Algorithms for sound visualization and color sonification. Integration with DAWs for live performance and parameter automation. State synchronized, navigable VR visualization with binaural simulation for multi-channel venues.

Tonsturm FRQ Shift and Spectrl EQ [2018 - 2020]

Modulation system DSP, spectral curve editor, and GUI development for cross-platform AAX/VST/AU plug-ins

Unity Technologies [2020]

Software development and research exploring connections between the Unity Editor and DAWs

SYNG [2019 - 2020]

Software development and research for spatial audio content creation and interaction

Penteo [2014 - 2019]

Penteo 16 Pro UI + 3D surround visualizer design and implementation (C++/OpenGL) as multi-channel AAX/AudioSuite/VST/AU plug-in for stereo to surround upmixing and downmixing to/from several formats with optional Ambisonics encoding/decoding.

DSP integration and plug-in updates for Penteo 5 and Penteo 7 Pro.

Johannes Girardoni Studio [2012 - 2019]

Development of immersive lighting and sonification software utilizing various sensory inputs for architectural and installaton works including:
Metaspace V2 @ TED 2014 and Spectral Bridge House

iOS and Android app development to accompany artworks:
Chromasonic and Resonant Lens

Runnin' [2018 - 2019]

Interactive VR music video for Wajatta and Intel Studios
Created in Unity using Intel Studios' volumetric video capture data
Premiere @ Sundance New Frontier 2019
Voted Best Interactive Experience @ SXSW 2019 [2017 - 2019]

VR audio consulting and software development to minimize real-time audio latency in Unity. Creation of custom Wwise effect plug-ins. Development of musical sampling, re-pitching, time-stretching (using Zplane), and sequencing engine in C++/JUCE as a native Unity plug-in for this music making experience.

Walt Disney Imagineering [2017 - 2019]

Consulting and software development for various undercover R&D projects involving synchronized audio and lighting control

TRAVELER [2016 - 2017]

Full DSP, GUI, and AAX/AudioSuite/VST/AU cross-platform plug-in development for post production granular sampler / Doppler effect by TONSTURM

TABULA [2016]

Custom LED control software (Cinder/C++) visualizing global seismic events for a permanent lighting installation at 385 Sherman, Palo Alto, CA

Dolby Concourse [2015]

Generative, spatial music installation supported by Dolby Art utilizing custom spatialization and synthesis software

Mezmo [2015-2016]

Consulting and development for incognito mesh-based technology startup connecting musicians to fans at venues using secure, offline peer-to-peer communication with indoor/micro location aware light, sound, and messaging. Development of audio plug-in and accompanying iOS app utilizing Bluetooth LE communication and various audio-hiding techniques.

Rejamm Social Music App [2014-2015]

Development of mobile audio mixing, recording, midi, and sampling engine in JUCE

VOSIS [2014 - Present]

Multi-touch image / camera / video audification instrument for iPhone / iPad / MacOS

Final Mix Inc [2014 - Present]

Custom DSP and plug-in development for pro-audio mastering

Raven Multi-Touch Production System [2012-2015]

Original software developer for Raven MTX and MTi multi-touch mixing consoles by Slate Media Technology. Created the first professional multi-touch mixing software supporting multiple DAWs on Mac and Windows. Developed Batch Commander and Slate Remote iOS app.

Additional Clients [2012-Present]

Development, consulting, POC and prototype creation for:
Sound Furnace, DZCO, Mayk, Stargaze, Volta, Neyrinck, Slate Digital

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