Updated Schedule


  • May 15 – workshop day – bring code to debug, questions, and ideas (office hours as usual)
  • May 18 – final project proposals due
  • May 18/19 - Maker Faire
  • May 20 – individual project meetings during class and office hours
  • May 22 – Guest Lecture and Workshop by Reza Ali (office hours as usual)
  • May 23 - MAT End of Year Show
  • May 27/29 – at NIME conference (no class, office hours via email or Skype by appt.)
  • June 3/5 – “dead week” (project workshop time during class, office hours as usual)
  • June 10 – no class, office hours during class time in eStudio and usual office hours
  • June 12 – Final Project Presentations/Show 10am-1pm

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