“A Personal Transformation” – Kate Edwards

"A Personal Transformation" - Kate Edwards

“A Personal Transformation” – Kate Edwards

For my final project I chose to create abstracted landscapes using Processing and TouchOSC. My initial concept revolved around how we interact with personal versus private imagery. I was interested in exploring image landscapes in Processing as a way to display my personal photographs, but in a manner which would make it difficult for the audience to identify the subject or connotation of the original image. Utilizing the Transform Landscape example code from Form + Code as a starting point, I created an image array to randomly pull from an assortment of five graphics which would then be projected as rotating pixel formations.

In order to make the piece interactive I designed a TouchOSC controller and used oscP5 to make my sketch responsive to the different settings. The circular encoder on the controller allows the viewer to rotate the display in either direction, and alters the angle at which they can see the graphic. The middle button inside the encoder will jump to a specified angle when pressed. On the bottom of the controller are two rectangular buttons. The top button will let the user switch between the five images. The bottom button allows the viewer to change the background color between black and light gray, which will expose different pixels of the image due to the brightness parameters set in Processing.

The resulting pixel formations created a variety of landscapes to explore, and it was interesting to see how manipulating my photographs in programs like Photoshop beforehand could change their appearance when implemented into my Processing sketch. It was also fun to play around the the TouchOSC interface and design my own controller. Overall I am very pleased with how my original concept transformed into this final sketch.

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