“AVIRSynth” – Giovanni Sgambato

"AVIRSynth" - Giovanni Sgambato

“AVIRSynth” – Giovanni Sgambato

I realized an audiovisual interactive reactive system using arduino, puredata and processing.
The idea is to take an audio stream as input, that can be some audio samples recorded by the user, or loaded previously or a live audio.
The streaming will be later processed by puredata, manipulated through arduino with hardware controls, and will produce some reactive visualizations in processing.

What I am trying to explore with this project is the use of audio inputs to control complex systems, experiment generative audio and sonification, and learn how to make different parts of the system to communicate between them (wired, wireless, osc ecc…)

The input of the system come from the microphone, videocamera, pre-recorded samples or audio streaming from the audio card, moreover is possibile to generate audio input within PureData.

On the breadboard connected to the arduino board I have implemented 10 controllers composed by 5 buttons and 5 potentiometers, that allow to handle the filters, LFO, ring modulators, delay and other tools to manipulate the audio signal.
The control signals of the Arduino-PD communication are send trough usb cable, while the PD – Processing communication is realized by OpenSoundControl messages.
Processing take a video stream from the camera and this is reacting to the audio and produce different visualizations depending on the control signals.

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