“Mind Matter” – Elliott Wobler

"Mind Matter" - Elliott Wobler

“Mind Matter” – Elliott Wobler

For my final project, I created a Bluetooth-enabled Arduino EEG using a hacked Neurosky headband from the Mindflex game by Mattel. The Arduino EEG sends brain data to Processing through a “Seeeduino” Bluetooth Shield, where it interacts with a 3D implementation of Conway’s Game of Life. Birth and death rules have been modified and cells manifest as either spheres or cubes of various sizes. Brain waves control the sketch by affecting the colors and opacities of individual cells in addition to altering the angles of rotation on all three axes of the entire  swarm. As the angles of rotation change over time, the swarm is seen from a multitude of different perspectives, ultimately producing a diverse assortment of visual patterns with varying color schemes. A higher “Meditation” value zooms inward. A higher “Attention” value increases the amplitude of an underlying ambient composition that loops indefinitely just outside the bounds of perception. My primary motivation for this project was to develop a basic understanding of the various aspects and challenges one faces when mentally controlling external events.

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