Assignment #1: (due before class on the listed due dates)

  • Reading response due 10/14: Complete the readings/tutorials from Lectures 2 and 3. Send me an email with the subject “Art 102 Reading 1″ containing the following:
    • 2 topics/concepts that were confusing/unclear and what you did not understand.
    • 2 topics/concepts that you would like to explore or understand further.
  • Programming project due 10/16: Create your first “Giblet” i.e. Gibber program. This could be a study in sound design, a short musical composition, or simple instrument. Projects will not be graded on aesthetics – so you are free to make something purely experimental or musical. Feel free to use the Gibber manual/tutorial examples as a basis for you work, but the result should be your own. You can think of this as sonic sketching. If there is a sound or piece of music you like, you can try to “sketch” something similar, or you can create something completely abstract. The purpose is simply to being experimenting with sound and programming in Gibber. Projects should meet the following requirements:
    • Use at least 2 arrays
    • Use at least 1 effect controlled by the mouse X and/or X position
    • Use at least 2 oscillators or synths
    • Implement at least one form of modulation
    • Email me your Gibber code with the subject “Art 102 Assignment 1″
    • Be prepared to give a quick (3-5 min) presentation of your program in class and describe the ideas/rules/mappings used.

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