Kyle Leighton

Kyle Leighton


The main goals of this project were to create an interactive web site that was as immersive as possible, and contained very few distractions (buttons, etc.). One of my main influences for the website is Funktronic Labs’ Collider. I wanted to achieve the same sort of going-through-a-wormhole experience, and overall, I believe I was successful.

My code consisted of both Gibber and P5 libraries. The drums and base were composed in Gibber, while the other ominous sounds were imported through p5. The visuals were created through p5, while the mappings were done with Gibber.

I included two buttons in the html that trigger the p5 audio files when pressed.

I would like to make further advances on this project in the future, including refining both graphics, audio, and their mappings, as well as implementing more inputs such as the LeapMotion controller to remove distractions from the experience and immerse the viewer even further.

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