Jacqueline Martinez

Jacqueline Martinez



For my final project I created a composition on Gibber and then posted it on my Web space. Most of the audio I used for my piece was the following: sine, triangle, pluck, kick, cowbell, and clave. Some of the effects I used were delay, reverb, and decay; the function I used the most was future, I needed that the most in order for some of the sounds to play and stop at a certain time.

I originally wanted to use graphics from Gibber but during the presentation I was struggling to add it on to my Web space; in the end I was able to figure it out and I was able to see the graphics online. For my final project I decided not to use the Gibber graphics and instead I added animation. I felt it was boring and I didn’t get the feel of it being inspired from video game songs. For my revision I added in a zombie background, a hazard image that rotates. I also added a bullseye image with some animation so moves around the screen and changing colors.
I wanted something to be mapped so I sped up the bullseyes animation to go along with the beat of the kick; every time the bullseye changed direction a kick happens. I added in color on the bullseye to signify how close they are from killing the zombie.

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